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Empowered through simplicity

Focus on the workout, we'll handle the rest; from session reminders to post workout analysis and real-time training recommendations to communication with your coach, trainBSX has you covered.

Get personalized training

Compare coaches and select the team that will take you to greatness. trainBSX works with top coaches across the country who are prepared to take your fitness to the next level.

Set a new PR

Breaking personal records isn’t just about tracking your activity, but transforming it. trainBSX empowers you to do both with technology that enhances your total training experience—before, during, and after the workout.

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Automatic data sync

Train with tech? So do we! Upload your workouts directly to the trainBSX platform and your coach will instantly know when you have logged a workout.

Schedule future workouts

Plan to win. Scheduling your upcoming workouts has never been easier. Our visual drag and drop process makes scheduling a workout simple and fun.

Save favorite workouts

Don’t waste time writing the same workouts over and over. Build and save them to your library for quick reuse later.

Save on training gear

Premium members can save up to 60% off the industry’s leading sports and apparel brands. These savings will more than cover the cost of your annual membership.

Stay connected

Stay in touch with your coach every step of the way. trainBSX makes it easy to communicate back and forth through a fully integrated messaging system.

Share and be inspired.

Training is about self actualization and success. Connect with other social platforms to share your victories with your friends, team, and coach.
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  • ✔ Log and upload your workouts
  • ✔ Track and trend your progress
  • ✔ Intuitive workout analysis
  • ✔ Interactive activity timeline
  • ✔ Share workouts with friends
  • ✔ Automatic sync with your Garmin device
  • ✔ Ad supported


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  • ✔ All the great features in BASIC, plus...
  • ✔ Schedule future workouts
  • ✔ Add favorite workouts to library for quick reuse
  • ✔ Seamless calendar sync
  • ✔ Advanced workout analysis
  • ✔ VIP access to special offers
  • ✔ No banner ads

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BSX Insight ™

Don’t just track your activity. Transform it.

BSX Insight™ is an all-in-one sports sensor that lets you simultaneously record heart rate, cadence, pace, calories and your lactate threshold! The device “looks inside” your muscle during exercise to measure your athletic horsepower, then pairs with your sports watch to let you know, in real-time, whether to speed up or slow down to get the most out of training.

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Simplify your life

trainBSX simplifies and automates administrative tasks, like team management and billing, so you are free to spend more time coaching and less time accounting.

Easy plan creation

Scheduling workouts for a single athlete or entire team has never been easier. Our drag and drop functionality and robust workout library make scheduling simple.

Intuitive assessment

With auto-data upload, streamlined athlete feedback and beautiful post-workout tracking, you’ll always have the tools you need to be awesome.

We are here for you

You’re not just another coach. We answer our phone and respond to your e-mails. In fact, we encourage your feedback to help make trainBSX the premier coaching platform.

Huge team discounts

Our partnerships with industry leading brands allow us to pass along up to 60% discounts for your entire team. This includes gear, apparel, nutrition products, and more.

Improved team visibility

Don’t settle for a hyperlink in a crowded directory. Showcase your squad and what makes your team special to athletes near and far.

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